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For centuries, hundreds of villages all over Vietnam have produced special crafts and products that are used for Tet (Vietnamese New Year) celebrations and other holidays. Sometimes the production of these beautiful objects can absorb the attention of everyone in the village...

The very best of these ‘factories’ are recognized by Vietnamese people as the best producers of a particular object; and enjoy national recognition for their handiwork. Everything from firecrackers to silk paintings; woodcarvings to ceramics and puppets to pottery are made in these locations and can make unique gifts for friends and family at home; or as an exotic reminder of your trip to Vietnam. When paying a visit; you can chat with these artisans; and even try the handiwork yourself


Perhaps one of souvenirs visitors bring back from Vietnam is an artistic Vietnamese painting.

Vietnamese paintings attract visitors all over the world because of fine art showing on various materials, high artistry and unique national trait.




Tho Cam Who goes up the highland wants to bring mountainous gifts back as souvenirs: a brocade cloth for the elders, dress for sisters.

Brocades are hand-woven, so painstaking with vivid flower-patterns and colors. Cotton-trees are self-grown, fibers are dyed by Tang village of H’re minority in Kontum highland, Lat village, Mai Chau – off Hanoi 160 km, are called country of brocades.


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Dieu Khac Artistic stone village at Ngu Hanh Son (Five Fingers Mountain), Da Nang province is famous for stone carving. With skillful and laborious hands of carvers, rugged stones become pretty pepper-mills, unique tea-pot sets, impressive Buddha statues, daring lions standing on fire balls or eagles spreading wings in the wind, etc.


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Help me a pair of mat, quilt, earrings, etc. The mat clings to lives of Vietnamese people. There are many famous mat weaving villages. Quang Nam mats followed traders roaming all over the world, Dinh Yen of Hau River area with night mat markets. Nowadays, besides rush mats, there are also nylon, bamboo mats, mattresses, etc. Therefore, rush mats with fanciful clever flower patterns seem vanishing.

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May Tre La Vietnamese countryside with village bamboo hedges make peaceful beauty. Just run out about 20 km towards Hoc Mon, Cu Chi districts, you can visit traditional profession village of Xuan Thoi Son. Various, plentiful products from rattan are bamboo baskets, chopsticks, panniers, more sophisticated are chairs and tables, hammocks. Especially, Binh Duong has places shaping straight bamboos.
If you want to choose a rattan product, you can search at Ba Thang Hai, Pasteur, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street area. Rattan products are very durable, tough. Rattan materials have to go through many stages like cleaning, termite killing, dehumidifying, bleaching according to kinds, and finally varnished or gloss painted to enhance its beauty.

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Dalat, famous tourist city, has been known for its painting embroidery on cloths. It is rumored that student bought a painting embroidered with a beautiful and lively girl. That whenever he looked at it, he dreamed about her. Then she turned into a real girl. Dalat embroidered paintings don't come true but carry spirit of people and scenery.
Exported embroidering products like dresses, pillows, tablecloths, curtains, etc. currently are favored by foreigners. In HCMC, Dong Khoi – Nguyen Hue street area are noted for hand-embroidering products for visitors.

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Son Mai Lacquered wood or mother-of-pearls carved products with harmonious colors. Elegant beauty create nobility for the surrounding space. Overseas Vietnamese, foreigners and even local people like these unique products to give for relatives, using or interior decoration – maybe a painting, flower vase, table and chair set or worshipping chest. Binh Duong is a famous place with many confidential artists. Lacquer art, a traditional Vietnamese profession is being kept and developed.


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This village is located in Ha Bac province; the province just north of Hanoi. It’s been made famous for the folk themes printed onto a special paper made from the Do tree. Artisans in this village carve images onto thin wood blocks that are carefully layered with paint; then printed onto the specially made paper. These designs are particularly popular around Tet.

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Dua Villagers gather mulberry leaves to feed the hungry silkworms. The traditional way of growing silkworms was imported from China; and today flourishes in many parts of the country.

When the worms have woven a silken cocoon; the animals are boiled and the cocoon is carefully unraveled. The thread is carefully woven into all sorts of different things like placemats; shirts; etc.


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Gom Su Ceramics making appeared in Vietnam long time ago. The Northern has been famous for Bat Trang, Hai Duong ceramics, the Southern for Binh Duong and Dong Nai. Minh Long ceramics is famous not only for quality but also various patterns customized vivid and clean – cut colors. Cham Binh Duc village of the Middle with household items as pots, earthen cooking pots, water jars, etc. Till now are made by hand with revolving tables. Cham ceramics has another different point is use-items thrown in heaps on grounds and baked by fire.

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DuaBau Truc Pottery village of Cham ethnic minority, it is one or two oldest pottery villages in South East Asia. It is located about 10 kilometers in the South of Phan Rang town.The small village is home to more than 400 families, of which 85% are in the traditional pottery business. The style is said to be handed down from Po Klong Chan, one of their ancestors from the immemorial time. Every year, local people hold days of worship and festivals to commemorate Chan.

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Take a peasant's common conical hat, add a touch of this and a little of that, and you will have the idea, but not quite an authentic Non Bai Tho or "Poetical Leaf" from Central Viet Nam. Just a few simple arrangements added to the conical form are enough to give it unique features found nowhere else among Asia’s various types of conical hats.


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At Quang Ninh, fishing is a traditional, long historical occupation. Quang Ninh territorial waters has great source of aquatic product, fish and sea food, very potential for exporting as: butterfish, codlfish...and specialty as: shrimp, crab, tuna, holothurian, cuttlefish, butterfish, shellfish...


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From the normal coal, by the hand of the workers, they become the art and commercial valuable products. The coal fine arts in Quang Ninh are famous traditional handicraft.

Today, with the variety of model, from habitual buffalo, deer, ashtray to the high qualifying sculpture, the coal fine arts has developed to be a famous handicraft and are favorite of many local customers and foreigners


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Pearl nourishing village locates at Van Don District, founding about 40 years ago. There are many special kind of pearl here that are very valuable for commercial exporting. With the favorable environment, territorial waters Van Don is certainly a wonderful place for pearl nourishing


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For ages, Ha Long Pottery is famous by its model, design. Nowadays, Quang Ninh products are still very plentiful and diversified with variety of vase, jar, phial, vessel, animal.

Quang Ninh pottery is favourite by customer and existing in many countries in the world as: France, Italia, Russia, Hong Kong, China... Satisfying the local demand and export, it contribute to the development of the province also contribute to preserve and uphold the traditional culture and tourism

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Son Mai La Xuyen village locates 70km from Ha Noi, in Yen Ninh ward, Y Yen district, famous for its wood sculpture for long time. The horizontal lacquered board, parallel sentences, cupboard are designed nicely and sophisticated with dragon and phoenix. ..

This is a traditional profession. La Nguyen' s are favourite long time ago by local travelers and foreigners.


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Nobody has come to Ngu Hanh Son but do not visit Non Nuoc Stone Village. There, they produce famous fine arts of marble. Tourist will certainly surprised by the beautiful stone work here.

The smooth statues, live animals, skillful gift... of ancient type and even modern follow tourists in over the world.


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Dua …Shadow like coconut – tree, long hair teased by breeze…

The familiar song verse full of romantic, lyric has come into our minds easily with coconut-tree image- symbol for the Southern. Coconut-tree is a useful one. Its water, trunk, leaves and fruit has separate uses. Nowadays, there are more artistic items from coconut so unique and clever as spoons, chopsticks, tea-pot sets, night-lamps, masks, souvenirs, etc.


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DuaIn the past, people mainly dug holes to take clay, the main materials of pottery, for making bricks and tiles. Recently, they found that the kaolin in the province is good for making potteries because it is quite pure and there is a large quantity.

To fuel the fire in pottery kilns, people used to use forest wood; however, due to the alarm over the loss of whole forests, people use rubber tree wood, coal and even gas.


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DuaChuyen My Wood Carving Village
Located in the Ha Tay province; this village is famous for creating more traditional crafts related to wood carving. It’s the mother of pearl inlay that makes it so popular; and this wasn’t started until the Ly Dynasty.

A visit here can be made in combination with a trip to Hoa Lu; because its 35 kilometers south of Hanoi


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Sent to this village by her father; to help villagers grow silk; Princess Hoang Phu Thieu Hoa helped begin an industry that stretches all over the country today.

Silk is produced by special worms that eat mulberry leaves; and these are gathered by children to feed the greedy animals. Once they have rolled a cocoon; the animals are boiled alive; and the cocoon is unraveled carefully to extract the precious thread. Popular designs include dragons; flowers and other Vietnamese legends.

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DuaHoi An lantern is various size and shape, from normal lantern to dragon lantern or fish lantern with full of color. Hoi An people highly pride on their lantern.

It is very simple and easy to do only with hard-work. It make everybody feel a happier and more lovely Hoi An with multi- color lantern on very roads.



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